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Bathroom Decorating FAQs


Glenna Morton
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Banish Boring Bathrooms!

Bathrooms are personal spaces that can look dull and dated. Spark up boring bathrooms with some wonderful color -- either on the walls or in the accessories.

Browse these FAQs to get more ideas on sprucing up bathrooms.


Q. My powder room is tiny! What can I do to make it look bigger?

Q. What can I do to "makeover" my bathroom without going to the time and expense of remodeling it?

Q. My bathroom is all beige and it is too boring. What can I do to make it more colorful?

    There are many color combinations that will work well with your new almond fixtures. For instance if there is wallpaper in the adjoining bedroom look for a coordinating wallpaper border paper for the bathroom -- then take towel and rug colors from that. Or find a shower curtain and use those colors for bathroom paint and accessories. Tie in fixture colors by choosing wallpaper or fabrics that include the almond -- even in a small amount or in the background. You might want to paint the walls a medium tone of a color you love, such as terra cotta or green, in order to make the lighter colored fixtures stand out against the contrasting background. Here are some other articles you may be interested in: "Updating a Bathroom" and "How to Add Interest to a Bathroom" .

Q. I've been looking at unusual bathrooms sinks in metal and dark porcelain, but I'm worried about upkeep.

    Ask questions before you buy. Many metal sinks will show every drip mark as a stain. Dark porcelain sinks can have the added drawback of highlighting any soap scum that is not rinsed away. If these challenges don't bother you then choose your favorite and go for it. Be sure to read and follow the manufacturer's care and cleaning instructions for your sink. Browse some sink options online at HomePortfolio.com and find more resources in our Bath Links Index as well.

Q. Do the faucets and fixtures have to match throughout my entire house?

    Match them if you have a small home and want the consistency of matching fixtures. In a larger home you might choose one finish for consistency (such as brushed nickel) and vary the style of hardware in each room where you'd like some variety. You can, of course, choose something completely different for every room in the house (brass, silver, iron, ceramic), but this could contribute to a jumbled look. Consistency is key to good design. See more about Bath Fixtures on our links page.

Q. Our guest bathroom has ugly pink tile and I don't think I can replace it for a while. I hate that tile!

    A bathroom can be very pretty even with pink tile. Just "go with it" and find a theme and a color scheme you like that incorporates that color. For example, do a shell beach theme with pinks, blues, whites, beiges, and aquas - using a wallpaper border or fabric (curtains and shower curtain) with those colors.

    Or you could do a retro look with black, white, and pink, or even a tropical theme using bright blues, greens, and hot pinks. The key really is to find something you like (fabric, border, accessories) that has some of the pink color in it. Then the pink has a "reason" for being there and fits into the look. Another approach is to go with whites or neutrals for walls and floors, then pick up the pink in pictures, accent towels, accessories, valances, etc. You might, for example, do tone-on-tone ivory and beige walls and use pink in a few accessories with beige and pink towels. If you just can't stand it another day then you can always do a bit of research and learn How to Paint Over Ceramic Tile.

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