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Legato Carpet System

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Carpet panels 22" x 23" fit securely together with a wave edge design.
Photo c.2003 Milliken Carpet & Rugs
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New Carpet Panel System for Do-It-Yourselfers

Jun 2 2003  

Carpet installation has traditionally been a job exclusivly for professional carpet installers. Not any more.

Milliken Carpets Legato Carpet System is specificially designed for do-it-yourself installation.

This DIY project lets you skip handling bulky rolls of carpet and sticky adhesives.

Instead Milliken designed a system that is as easily installed by college dorm students as it is by handy homeowners.

Legato carpet panels (pictured above -- click on the image to see more) measure 22" by 23". The panels are straight on two sides and feature unique wave edges on the other two sides that interlock.

Yet the feature that holds each panel to the floor is the specialized padding manufactured into the back of the panels. This built-in TractionBackTM is the non-slip surface that grips the floor, keeping each panel right were you set it down.

Sold ten panels per box, the carpet's layout in a room is similar to a tile installation, yet Legato requires no glue, adhesives, or nails. Install it wall to wall for the look of traditional carpeting or make your own area rug to define a conversation area.

Yet easy installation is only part of the story. Since the carpet panels are precisely engineered they can be moved at will. So, if you children are drawing with permanent markers and get ink on the carpet, you can simply lift out the stained panel and replace it with a new one. Or you can switch it with a panel located under a sofa, for example, where the stain won't show.

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