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Do use coordinating wallpapers for an instant color scheme.
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Part 2: Focus Your Project


Decorating "dos" continue on this page with more about fabrics, color, and accessories.

>> Do use contrast to add interest to a space. Placing furniture and accessories against a contrasting background will highlight each piece.

>> Do crosslink your rooms by repeating colors, fabrics, and themes in varying combinations.

>> Do balance a room's furnishings by paying attention to scale and visual weight.

Balance a large stone fireplace with a large sofa or armoire placed opposite.

>> Do arrange conversational areas to be within an 8 to 14 feet square area.

>> Do anchor spaces in open floor plans with area rugs and furniture groupings to define each space.

>> Do pair seating in conversation areas with side tables and lamps so that there is a place to set drinks, books, etc. as well as adequate light for reading.

>> Do choose accessories that reinforce the color and style theme of a room.

>> Do use scale and pattern to create interesting focal points.

>> Do use pairs of items to underscore symmetry and balance.

>> Do use odd numbers of items (3, 5, 7) when grouping accents for tablescapes. Do place items (high, medium, and low) within an imaginary triangle to add interest.

>> Do use symmetrical arrangements in formal rooms. In more casual rooms go for asymmetrical arrangements of furniture and accessories.

>> Do emphasize the important elements of the room and play down the unattractive or unimportant elements.

>> Do use a variety of textures (smooth, rough, shiny, dull) when you want to add interest to a room.

>> Do use line to underscore a room's style. Horizontal lines emphasize length and underscore a calm mood. Vertical lines will emphasize height, and diagonal lines emphasize space and provide a dynamic and exciting feel.

>> Do reinforce the style and theme of a room with appropriate details and accessories.

>> Do install more details in a plain boxy room. Consider crown molding, wainscoting, and other applications to add interest and character.

>> Do consider the location of your home and the architectural style when planning interiors.

>> Check out the Decorating Don'ts on the next page.

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