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Hanging Wreaths and Hanging Art Low
Get the feeling of art with other objects

Look for objects to hang on the wall that give the impression of art, yet may be better suited to your decorating style.

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Wreaths, empty picture frames, old windows, architectural pieces, and other objects can all impart unique style to your home.

Photograph ©2000-2003 by Glenna J. Morton, About's Interior Decorating Guide Wreaths as Art
Over this mantle a dried leaf wreath stands in for a typical mantle mirror or large framed picture and contributes to the relaxed country style of the room.
Photograph ©2000-2003 by Glenna J. Morton, About's Interior Decorating Guide Hang It Low
Whenever possible relate artwork to the furniture below it. When hanging a large picture over a table for instance, the bottom of the frame should sit within 4-8" of the tabletop.

In this room the picture has been placed at about eye level for the twin girls who live here, which also allows it to relate comfortably to the low chest underneath.

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